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NFL 2011 Regular Season Preview: AFC Key Match-Ups for Week 1

Written by Charlie Jimenez   
Tuesday, 06 September 2011 07:43

2011 NFL Betting Season: AFC Key Match-Ups for Week 1 The online betting football fans around the AFC have been waiting all summer for opening day of the NFL season, and now it is here. The AFC is trying to catch up after losing two consecutive Super Bowl titles in a row. There are several teams in the AFC that will be trying to dominate the conference this year, but only a chosen few will have the opportunity to battle for the AFC title. The teams to watch will all be playing in week one, and this should be an exciting start to the NFL 2011-2012 season.

Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City Chiefs
If you bet football online, then you know that the Buffalo Bills have improved somewhat during the off-season. But the holes in the Bills’ roster will take more than one off-season to fill. The Kansas City Chiefs will be battling the San Diego Chargers for the AFC West title this season and the Chiefs will need all of the wins they can get to stay close to what should be a high-flying San Diego team. The Bills’ defense was unable to stop the run in the preseason, just as it was unable to stop the run last season.

But the Bills are able to get pressure on the quarterback. That will force the Chiefs to run the ball for most of the game, and run the ball is something that the Kansas City Chiefs can do very well.
Pick: Kansas City Chiefs

Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars (-3)
Quarterback Blaine Gabbert had a significant effect on the NCAA football betting results last year when he played for Missouri. It looked for a moment like the Jaguars were thinking about starting their rookie quarterback when Gabbert began to produce in the preseason and starter David Garrard was injured. But Gabbert starts the season third on the quarterback depth chart with Garrard starting. The Titans have veteran quarterback Matt Hasselbeck under center and newly re-sign Chris Johnson at running back. With the AFC South wide open thanks to the injury to Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback Peyton Manning, this opening week game between two AFC South contenders takes on an air of significance.
Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars

Minnesota Vikings @ San Diego Chargers (-9)
The San Diego Chargers are the one sports bookmaking AFC contender that opens the season against an NFC team. The battle for the starting quarterback job in Minnesota was interesting as soon as Donovan McNabb arrived to camp. Rookie quarterback Christian Ponder announced that he respected McNabb, but that Ponder intended to compete for the starting job. As veteran quarterback Donovan McNabb gets ready to start the season against the Chargers, Ponder has learned his first significant lesson as an NFL quarterback. The Chargers were electric in the preseason and looked extremely sharp in weeks three and four. Wide receiver Vincent Jackson looks sharp and quarterback Philip Rivers has been in complete command of his offense since camp opened. The players may have spent the summer working on their bass fishing techniques during the lockout, but the Chargers are now open for business and looking to win the AFC West title the team should have won last year.
Pick: San Diego Chargers

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