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NFL Pro Bowl: Peyton Manning Want a Game with a Great Level

Written by Charlie Jimenez   
Saturday, 26 January 2013 07:53

NFL Pro Bowl NewsPeyton Manning want a great game for the NFL Pro Bowl this Sunday and asked to leave everything in the game to save the tradition.

But while Manning faced a room full of the best players in the NFL (30 of which, as he said, are in the game for the first time), Manning was not only gracious in welcoming. Also a very precise message.

"The last two years, the level in this game was unacceptable," said Manning. "If I were a non-contact training, their coaches would tell you that was a bad workout. And that's why (the league) could try to cancel the game. "

It is expected that the tone is very different than last year, particularly the AFC team, after all the public discourse on the future of the party of NFL stars.


Commissioner Roger Goodell has made it clear that the actual quality of the game is not up to the standards of the league and the week enjoying the best players in the league is at risk. Players now recognize that there is only one way to solve this.

"It's simple," said cornerback Champ Bailey Broncos at "Just play hard. As you do on Sundays. If we do that the rest will fix itself. "

Remains to be seen if that is enough to save this game (and, perhaps more importantly, this event). But if ever there was a year in which the right formula to save the Super Bowl was available, this is that year.

Manning and Bailey are just two of the 10 players in NFL history to go to 12 or more Pro Bowls. Manning has as many trips to the game between the marshals and Bailey leads all high school players. And besides that, it will be his current coach John Fox who will coach the AFC in this game.

Fox and Manning met for a beer before the game Sunday with quarterback Eli Manning NFC also has to discuss his attempt to raise the intensity during practice. And since both men are quite capable of balanced out the fun with hard work, is likely to be adequate to achieve.

Bailey, at least, was glad that Manning spoke with both the AFC and NFC with the present in the room, setting the expectation for the week.

"(The talk of Manning) meant a lot because I think it is true that we come here and relax," said Bailey. "The sense of urgency that leads to the game just is not there. It takes something to lend to walk, to understand the importance. I understand. We should play hard. "

While some fans still dismissing the effort as a futile attempt to keep alive a party that does not satisfy the months, this is much more about the inner desire d players maintain a tradition that is important to some veterans like Manning.

As denoted Manning during his talk, his weeks at the Pro Bowl have allowed him to play with seven players already in the Hall of Fame and six coaches who have won Super Bowls, all of which has benefited his career.

"Peyton is the better," said Bailey. "Players who have participated in this meeting are in the Hall of Fame. If you get rid of this game, many will lose. You never know who you played against because you never had a chance to know them. It's good for that reason and for many others. "

Manning's conversation turned to very specific players in the room, not the masses. Its purpose was to be played by novice and quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson and young defensive players as JJ Watt. Those are the players who will be participating along next week. They will be the ones who keep the tradition.

Maybe it's good that many of those faces are new to the game because the quality of which was played last year was indeed very low, as they said many of the players themselves.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers, to name one, was upset with the lack of intensity of the game. While his knee is causing enough trouble to give a legitimate reason to miss this year, the experience of last year did not help. It is also the reason that Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who plans to play with enthusiasm this year, so both would be the most valuable of the party.

So, certainly, the tone is there. Will it matter? Will it be enough to convince Goodell to keep the game in Hawaii in years to come? We will see. But if this is really the last Pro Bowl, these players plan that is good.

"It really is a good atmosphere, and is very good to relax," said Bailey. "But they have to understand why they are here and I think the boys have been away from it for whatever reason."

"We have to return it to where it should be."

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