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NFL PRO BOWL Free Picks: NFC Has Some Power In Its Lineup

Written by Matt Stevens   
Tuesday, 22 January 2013 00:53

AFC Vs NFC – Sunday January 27, 2013 5:00PM ESTAFC vs. NFC – Sunday January 27, 2013 5:00PM EST

Normally, the NFL betting crowd does not get too excited about the potential outcome of the NFL Pro Bowl. But there are some players taking part in this game that could bring a level of interest that would be hard to ignore. For example, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has experienced crushing playoff disappointment two seasons in a row. When Rodgers sees Julio Jones flying down the sidelines towards the AFC endzone, the killer instinct in Rodgers may take over and he may just decide to bury the AFC defense every chance he gets.

Will Tom Brady play in the Pro Bowl, or won’t he? The legal online sports betting experts are guessing that Brady will be there because he is not injured. But Brady will still be smarting from his team’s unlikely exit at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens in last week’s AFC Championship game.

Brady could survey the NFC defense and decide to start picking it apart and slowly move his way down the field. Things could start to get personal and NFC defenders such as Julius Peppers and Charles Tillman may start to take things personally. There are a lot of bruised egos heading to Hawaii, and not all of them are interested in the sand and surf.




Regardless as to whether Brady shows up or not, the starting quarterback for the AFC is Peyton Manning. The sportsbook software suggests that the 2012 season was only the first chapter in what promises to be an exciting comeback by Manning. In this game, Peyton Manning will probably be the one person in complete control of himself because he is the consummate professional. But he will need to make sure that the NFC defenders are approaching this game with the same professional attitude, or Manning may have to start getting the ball downfield to protect himself.


Aaron Rodgers is starting for the NFC, and he is still absorbing his team’s loss in the divisional round of the playoffs. The 5dimes betting experts know that Aaron Rodgers is always a threat to score points, and he is even more of a threat in an exhibition situation. With Rodgers feeling comfortable throwing the ball to Jones and Brandon Marshall, the added element of Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson carrying the ball could suddenly make the NFC a very formidable opponent.

The Bottom Line

While this game is all for fun, the NFC has some serious firepower in its offensive lineup. When Rodgers is done for the game, the NFC can trot Drew Brees out onto the field and give the AFC defense even more headaches. Some of the best linebackers and corners in the game play in the NFC, which will make things extremely difficult on the AFC offense. This little exhibition game could turn into a very interesting afternoon.

Read more about Aaron Rodgers and the Packers’ disappointing season.

My Pick: NFC

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