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NFL Preseason Week 3 Game Preview: Washington Redskins vs. Baltimore Ravens

Written by Matt Stevens   
Tuesday, 23 August 2011 07:43

Washington Redskins vs. Baltimore Ravens Free PicksSports Betting Online Overview

The Baltimore Ravens already know who their starting quarterback and running back will be in week one of the regular season. There is no doubt that Joe Flacco will be the quarterback and Ray Rice will be the running back. The problem that the Ravens have on offense is depth. Both Tyrod Taylor and Hunter Cantwell are rookie quarterbacks that will have their chance to fight for the backup position in week four of the preseason. Either way, the Ravens could be in big trouble if Flacco gets hurt this season. That is why you will see a lot of changing around of the offensive line in this game and next week. The Ravens want to find that combination of offensive linemen that will keep Joe Flacco healthy all season long.

The Washington Redskins have quite a quarterback dilemma of their own to unravel. Football betting online fans in Washington were ready to crown Rex Grossman as the starting quarterback in Washington after his preseason week one performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Grossman put up 207 passing yards in only a quarter and a half against the first-string Pittsburgh defense. But then John Beck went out and performed equally as well against the Indianapolis Colts’ first-string defense in preseason week two. The fans will have to wait to see who takes the first snap under center for the Redskins in this third preseason game to find out who the starter will be.

Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens are 1-1 in the preseason, but what Baltimore fans should really be encouraged about was the way in which the Ravens defense shut down the first-string running game for the Kansas City Chiefs last week. The Chiefs had one of the most dominating running games in the league last year, and that offensive unit remained intact for Kansas City during the off-season. But Baltimore shut the Kansas City running game down, and that means that the Ravens have some pretty good players to pick from on defense this year. NFL fans will want to keep an eye on the Baltimore Ravens as the team could be a surprise entry in the AFC Championship game this season.

Washington Redskins
From chaos comes order, and Washington head coach Mike Shanahan is trying to make some order from the chaos he created last year. Unfortunately for John Beck, he may lose out on the starting quarterback position for the Redskins because of how much of a professional he is. Mike Shanahan does not need Rex Grossman complaining on Washington, D.C. sports talk radio about being the backup. Luckily for Grossman, he is able to back up his big mouth with excellent play. The Washington defense is still trying to adjust to the Shanahan style, and there will probably be a lot of defensive substitutions in this game to try players out at a variety of positions.

The Bottom Line
NFL betting picks
in the preseason do not gather a lot of interest. But Redskins fans will be watching this game to see who their starting quarterback will be, and Ravens fans will want to see which of the two rookies will back up quarterback Joe Flacco.

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