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NFL Preseason Week 2 Game Preview: Carolina Panthers vs. Miami Dolphins

Written by Matt Stevens   
Tuesday, 16 August 2011 07:11

Carolina Panthers vs. Miami Dolphins Betting PicksSports Betting Online Overview

The Miami Dolphins and Carolina Panthers both have a very good problem that they were not expecting to have. Each team is going to have a difficult time choosing a starting quarterback for week one of the regular season. The Panthers shunned convention and put Jimmy Clausen in to start the first preseason game as opposed to first overall pick Cam Newton. Clausen promptly threw an interception on his first play, but then settled into being extremely efficient. Clausen looked like he had NFL experience and did an excellent job against the Giants’ first-string defense. Then Cam Newton came in and looked equally as impressive. Newton looked composed in the pocket, showed off that rocket arm of his and used his feet when necessary but not to excess. These are good problems to have in Carolina.

The Miami Dolphins had already written in Chad Henne as the starting quarterback for week one of the regular season.

Miami picked up veteran quarterback Matt Moore from Carolina to back up Henne. Moore promptly went out in the Dolphins’ first preseason game and threw for 123 yards against the Atlanta Falcons first and second-stringers on defense. Moore looked impressive and in complete control of the game. Moore threw an interception but he also threw two touchdown passes. Henne threw two interceptions and one touchdown pass. The Dolphins did not show much in the running game as it sometimes looked like the play calling was confused. But the football betting online Dolphins’ fans may have a quarterback controversy on their hands.

Carolina Panthers
The Panthers, and all of football, was extremely impressed with Cam Newton. The problem for Jimmy Clausen is that Carolina fans associate Clausen’s name with the embarrassing play of the Panthers last season. The Panthers looked good in their preseason opener, and they may even have some depth on the roster that people were not expecting. The price per head NFL experts assumed that Newton would start the season as the number one quarterback, but Clausen may have shown that he does not deserve to be a back up. It will be interesting to see which quarterback the Panthers choose as the starter, and how that will affect the regular season. The Panthers’ defense looked ready to go, and that is where the most surprising depth seemed to show up for Carolina. In this game, the Panthers will try to see if last week’s defensive performance was a mirage or a sign of good things to come.

Miami Dolphins
The Dolphins looked in total disarray in their preseason opener, but Matt Moore was able to shine. Miami won the game over Atlanta, but the first-string Miami offense was completely stuffed by the first-string Atlanta defense. The first-string Atlanta offense scored most of the points for Atlanta in the first quarter against the Miami first-string defense. These are the things that Miami needs to look over and repair. Matt Moore may get the start in this game just so the Dolphins can see him play with the first-string offense. But the Miami defense should be a huge concern for Dolphins’ fans.

The Bottom Line
It is entirely possible that Cam Newton will start this game and it has nothing to do with the way he or Jimmy Clausen played in the opener. The Panthers want to see Newton with the first-string offense, and that may be really bad NFL betting picks news for the Dolphins’ first-string defense.

BSN Sports Pick: Carolina Panthers

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