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NFL Power Rankings Week 11

Written by Andrew Scofield   
Friday, 16 November 2012 08:29

NFL Power Rankings Week 11The Houston Texans used their narrow victory over the Chicago Bears, and the defeat of the Atlanta Falcons against the New Orleans Saints, to climb to the position of honor in the latest edition of the NFL Power Rankings. Fortunately for Atlanta, did not fall much, just a step, and remain among the elite of our weekly poll.

The Bears and San Francisco 49ers also lost a step, respectively, but managed to stay in the Top-5, but were skipped by the Green Bay Packers at their bye week.

Basically, the Kansas City Chiefs were moved from last place by the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are now officially the worst team in the NFL according to our specialists.

No team reached many posts for this edition that the Tennessee Titans, who gave memorable beat the Dolphins in Miami, suffice to rise five positions. After Tennessee, the Cincinnati Bengals were the team that climbed positions, four, after beating the defending champion New York Giants, who incidentally left the Top-10.

Nobody slipped more than Miami, who fell nine positions. The Detroit Lions and New York Jets are also among the teams that lost more places compared to the previous edition, slipping five places each.

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For the day is coming, rest Titans, Giants, Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks, Week 11 being the last date that will open for teams.

NFL Power Rankings Week 11

1 (2) Texans 8-1-0: What message was sent to the league on Sunday night! The road against one of the best in the NFC, the Texans made it clear that they are to fight the best. Balance is key.

2 (1) Falcons 8-1-0: The loss to the Saints that his critics will simply keep talking about his inability to win in the postseason. It is clear by now that Michael Turner is not the same two years ago.

3 (5) Packers 6-3-0: Never a rest day came to Green Bay as well, which should retrieve some hurt and catapult two places in our Power Rankings. Greg Jennings could return the next day.

4 (3) Bears 7-2-0 Same problem as last year. Jay Cutler succumbed to both punishment and could miss several weeks. Fortunately for Lovie Smith and company seem to be better prepared with Jason Campbell.

5 (4) 49ers 6-2-1 Special teams used to be one of the strengths of this team San Francisco. However, this year has disappointed, and neither David Akers is reliable at this point. Colin Kaepernick is an exciting player to watch, but has yet to develop their passing.

6 (6) Ravens 7-2-0 The speech he gave Ray Lewis on his visit to the team during the week because the Ravens served up had the luxury of stacking points deceitfully field goal.

7 (8) Patriots 6-3-0 The message is the same from week 1 to 17 ... That offense is as good as anyone but that defense will eventually succumb. Incredible that Belichick can not build a better defense.

8 (9) Broncos 6-3-0 With each passing week, I start to believe more and more in this Denver team. Simply because they are much more than just Peyton Manning. Their defense has come a long way and you have to give credit to Jack Del Rio

9 (10)Steelers 6-3-0 Can they afford to give the Steelers Ben Roethlisberger requiring rest, without losing ground against the Ravens, or will have to force his return to the field prematurely? It is a difficult decision for Mike Tomlin.

10 (12) Seahawks 6-4-0 Nice win against the Jets last week, although the score does not reflect at all what happened. Russell Wilson was insecure and made some mistakes that at best rivals could compromise things.

11 (7) Giants 6-4-0 Counting last season and this, the Giants have not won a game in November. However, the ability to appear in the most important moments and two rings, Eli Manning to help appease critics.

12 (11) Colts 6-3-0 Remember when they said that RGIII would have more immediate success because it was coming to a team with better receivers and better defense than Andrew Luck? Only one of them is fighting to get to postseason, and not play for Washington. (RZ)

13 (13) Buccaneers 5-4-0 Are streaking. Josh Freeman has come a long way and now has more weapons at his disposal. So far the season is a success, it shows progress in almost all equipment.

14 (16) Vikings 6-4-0 At this point, I think Adrian Peterson is the favorite to win the award for Best Offensive Player of the Year. JMV not say, because I still have my doubts about the Vikings and their ability to make the playoffs.

15 (18) Cowboys 4-5-0 The victories can be misleading if used to cover deficiencies. Dallas won an important game, but his season has not saved yet. Beware of overconfidence in Valley Ranch.

16 (19) Saints 4-5-0 It seems that revive the Saints ... Handed his first loss to the Falcons and although still four games in the division apart, if the team could think enracha a wildcard. The defense remains a big score to settle.

17 (21) Bengals 4-5-0 Andy Dalton chose a good time to shine again, but now the Bengals should take advantage of the wealth of injuries suffered by the Ravens and Steelers. It's now or never.

18 (17) Chargers 4-5-0 Whatever you think about Norv Turner as coach, I was pleased to see that start to show a little more passion in answering the reporter that angered him with an absurd question.

19 (22) Cardinals 4-5-0 Have they taken the week off to adjust his offensive line? After starting the season with four wins, have a five-game losing streak but are just two games behind the division leaders.

20 (15) Lions 4-5-0 Those who spoke of the Madden Curse, Calvin Johnson took care to dispel those rumors with another huge performance. The sad thing is that even with that performance handed the Lions for the win.

21 (20) Eagles 3-6-0 Philly rumors circulating that Nick Foles could be the starting quarterback for the remainder of the year. By now there are rumors, but Andy Reid has stressed the word "significant" to talk about the shock of Michael Vick.

22 (23) Rams 3-5-1 They gave a good fight on the road against SF. Jeff Fisher each week put a competitive team on the pitch and that alone is an improvement on last year. Continue to improve and think next year postseason.

23 (14) Dolphins 4-5-0 Miami was beaten as happens over a decade ago. It was surpassed in all facets of the Titans, and the only positive is that it has a short week to forget quickly.

24 (29) Titans 4-6-0 The question on everyone's mind: why the Titans can not play well every week?

25 (25) Redskins 3-6-0 A few weeks ago ended the honeymoon of Mike Shanahan. The HC has taken all decisions since coming to Washington and could not turn them into contenders. If delivery best work accounts might be in danger.

26 (26) Panthers 2-7-0 Carolina still can not establish the run. The good news is that this week facing the worst air defense in the NFL.

27 (28) Bills 3-6-0 It hurts to lose again against the Patriots, but it hurts that may be - again - a time without star running back Fred Jackson. Now there is no justification for not CJ Spiller more involved in the offense.

28 (27) Raiders 3-6-0 They were humiliated in Baltimore last Sunday. A good week, two bad or vice versa. It will take some years to pay the costs of so many unfortunate drafts and when that time comes, maybe McFadden is not the same.

29 (24) Jets 3-6-0 Although never supported Tim Tebow as a player, I have to admit I pity the situation in which they have placed on the Jets. Not a week passes without controversy, and Rex Ryan is slowly losing the dressing room. (SMC)

30 (30) Browns 2-7-0 Not sure what Pat Shurmur will lose the head coaching job in Cleveland, but do not be surprised if it starts to sound more Jon Gruden's name in connection with the Browns in the coming weeks. (RZ)

31 (32) Chiefs 1-8-0 In the NFL there are no moral victories but the Chiefs and could see the "MNF". Forced overtime and were about to give a big surprise. In the end, as most of the season, took away his errors victory. (EB)

32 (31) Jaguars 1-8-0 For now Jacksonville is winning the only battle that matters, it's the race to be the first overall pick in the draft. And have no doubt that elect a quarterback ... (SMC)

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