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NFL Free Picks: New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins

Written by Matt Stevens   
Thursday, 29 November 2012 08:57
New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins – Sunday December 2, 2012 1:00PM ESTMost NFL betting experts are not comfortable declaring a divisional winner after only 13 weeks of the regular season, but the AFC East may already be a foregone conclusion. The New England Patriots is 8-3 and the only team in the AFC East with a winning record.
New England is going to put itself in a precarious position after week 13 because it will have what it needs to win the division but it may not have any chance at winning the conference. Head coach Bill Belichick is never afraid to sit players prior to the playoffs, but sitting players four weeks before the playoffs may be a bit extreme.

The second place Miami Dolphins is 5-6 and performing above preseason expectations. Most people who bet on sports expected the newly revamped Buffalo Bills to be the team chasing New England for the AFC East title. But it is the Dolphins who are in pursuit, but Miami is falling way behind the Patriots and falling out of the playoff race. If the Dolphins lose this game then it will be 5-7 with a 1-3 divisional record. This game is Miami’s last chance to make a playoff run and turn this season into something it can build on for next season.

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are still without tight end Rob Gronkowski and linebacker Jerod Mayo. The bookies know that Belichick has a way of keeping his team focused, and that showed up when the Patriots were able to destroy the New York Jets in week 12 without these two key players. However, the Dolphins pose a much different threat than New York did. Look for this game to turn into a shootout with New England quarterback Tom Brady putting up a lot more points than his rookie counterpart, Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Miami Dolphins

The projection that the Dolphins will lose this game should not be something that reflects negatively on Miami’s chances for a playoff spot next season. A sportsbook review of the Miami 2012 season shows enough promise for the team to build on for next year. One of the things that the Dolphins need to do before next season is get a reliable running back. Reggie Bush has had his moments, but he has been inconsistent all season long. Look for Ryan Tannehill to shy away from the running game and air the ball out in an attempt to match the Patriots score for score.

The Bottom Line

The New England Patriots are trying to close out the AFC East title and focus on getting healthy for the playoffs. The Dolphins represent that last real challenge that New England will face from within its own division. While this game will not represent any passing of the AFC East torch, it will be something for the Dolphins to build on.

Visit BSN Sports blog for more on the New England Patriots’ odds for winning the Super Bowl.

My Pick: New England Patriots
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