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NFL Eastern Division of the National Conference Analysis

Written by Andrew Scofield   
Monday, 07 October 2013 21:50

2013 NFL Betting AnalysisThe Eastern Division of the National Conference is like a land of the blind , where the one-eyed man is king ... and advance to the postseason.

Once considered the most powerful of the NFL , the division now includes so much mediocrity that most likely the team will be crowned more defeats than victories on his record .

The Cowboys and Eagles lead the division , with a record of 2-3, while the Redskins are 1-3 and the Giants are engaged in a nightmare season with 0-5 . And all these teams have in common other defensive by flimsy .

On Sunday , Dallas allowed 51 points to Denver. Given what they look unstoppable Peyton Manning and the Broncos , the Cowboys may have excuses.

But do not, if you aspire to something important in the campaign.


In fact , Dallas allowed 31 points to the Giants, whose offense has specialized in losing balls , and 30 to the Chargers , including over 400 yards passing to Philip Rivers.

So the feast that gave the Broncos is almost normal .

" The fact that we did not win when the offense scored 48 points is absolutely unacceptable. For now is not a good defense," said linebacker Sean Lee, one of the few talented players on this unit. "In two consecutive weeks we have allowed too many points and too many yards . If we do not improve we will not win."

And the same can be said of the defensive Philadelphia, Washington and New York.

The Eagles had their best defensive performance in the fourth quarter of Sunday , against the Giants , when they intercepted three passes from Eli Manning. But do not be fooled by that number : the New York defensive secondary is extremely weak , has been decimated by injuries and is often vulnerable to long passes .

New York , which has a 0-5 for the first time in a non-strike season since 1979 , has built its recent defensive success , which includes two Super Bowl titles in their pressure on the quarterback . Jason Pierre -Paul has not fully recovered from back surgery , Justin Tuck seems injured and old, and there is now linebackers with the power to reach the opponent's quarterback .

Under these conditions , the Giants are likely to lose balls . Even Cam Newton and Nick Foles all have given .

" What shall we do, indignant ? Mourn ? Have to go out and play ," Tuck said . "We have to find a way to make this work out of the pit ."

On Sunday night there will be a big divisional matchup - if that term can be applied to still Este_ between Washington and Dallas. The Redskins , division defending champions , are coming off their bye week and , win , could position themselves as leaders if Philadelphia falls in Tampa Bay.

In fact , the Redskins could be the strongest candidate out of chaos in this division, as they did in 2012 , thanks to seven straight wins . Their defense has made a few big plays , but you can pressure the quarterback.

The linebackers are slow and risks abound in high school, but that also happened last year , and Washington overcame .

Also , consider that Robert Griffin III and Albert Morris , stellar rookies led the rally last year, not yet at his best form in his second season . If successful, the Redskins will be perhaps the best balanced team in the East.

"It's crazy ," said Washington cornerback DeAngelo Hall . " In this league , you usually do not have these opportunities . We have it . 've Not played well at all and still have a chance to win our division , because we are just half a game below. We have everything to gain " .

But they have to improve defensively. Progress , however small, could make the Redskins in the one-eyed , within the division of the blind .

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