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NFL Betting Teams that Lost for a Three Betting Points on Week 2

Written by Charlie Jimenez   
Wednesday, 23 September 2009 22:39

Three Betting Points on Week 2 at BSN SportsThe NFL is definitely the most competitive professional league worldwide. Their structures allow playoff teams strengthen their weaker departments and even to hire a super star or exchanged in order to be more competitive.

Week Two is a clear example, since sixteen meetings that were held in five of them the maximum difference was three points. In three other games do not come to a greater advantage to seven points for the winner. In short, half the games were fairly closed and defined in the dying seconds. Finally, this type of event benefits the fans who can enjoy real encounters that keep the edge of their seats.

Let us review the events that were defined by less than three betting points:

Oakland vs. Kansas City

The "bad guys" took a tight score of 13/10 in his favor, despite the poor offensive production that simply did not give a. JaMarcus Russell was not much of anything, just 109 yards, seven pass completions product of twenty-four attempts.

Matt Cassel was officially presented with the Chiefs with a late hit acceptable where thirty-nine twenty-four passes for 241 yards. Unfortunately not enough to get a favorable outcome.

Houston vs. Tennessee

Without doubt the surprise of the week was the meeting between Houston vs Tennessee, where the Titans were the undisputed favorites.

The Titans started winning in the first quarter of 14.7, however, a second relentless Texans got them at the meeting. By going to break the scoreboard showed 24 points for each side. The Texans' defense became a wall and allowed only seven points in the third quarter. The offense produced one touchdown in the third quarter and once in the last period connected on a field goal which was enough to walk away with the victory.

Washington vs. San Diego

At a meeting where the Redskins visited the Rams, it seems that Jason Campbell left forgotten on the plane, it could never string together a single offense that hollowed the end zone for St. Louis Rams.

Fortunately for the Redskins, quarterback Marc Bulger, his opponents certainly looking good Samaritan walked like Campbell. In the entire game just completed a pass in the end zone.

The hero of the match was undoubtedly Shaun Suisham, who hit three field goals that gave victory to his team.

Pittsburgh vs. Chicago

In a game that simply could not believe, the Chicago Bears defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers, who suffered from Troy Polamalu services. Recall that Polamalu is hurt and not return to the grate for at least another four weeks.

Defenses were those that set the tone of the game, not a single runner or receiver to achieve over 100 yards. Quarterbacks not got anywhere near the 250 yards pas.

In an inspired last quarter the Bears, who trailed by 14-7, stormed the meeting, it ended 17-14 in favor of the plantigrade.

Dallas vs. New York

At the meeting Sunday night, the Cowboys got the Giants in the new "Cowboys Stadium. It officially opened the impressive monster whose house the Cowboys.

The note of the day were the betting to see who would be the first kicker to hit the giant screen in the stadium, but the event did not occur.

The match was really exciting, as defined on the last play of the same when the Giants lost by a score of 31-30, but a field goal that had to be repeated for a time out called by coach Phillips to put nervous kicker, gave victory to the Giants by 33-31 and thus spoiled the party for the Cowboys.

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