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NFL Betting – Saints Will March All Over Cardinals

Written by Charlie Jimenez   
Monday, 11 January 2010 22:33

NFL Divisional Playoffs Odds at BSN SportsOne week after the Arizona Cardinals escaped with a win at home, NFL betting fans will see them travel on the road to New Orleans to face the top seed in the NFC. The Cardinals played well on the road this year, winning six of eight contests, but they’ll have to be very weary of their performance last week. If they don’t clean up their act at all, this year’s playoff stay will be a short one. 

Arizona Cardinals @ New Orleans Saints

BSN Sports Pick: Saints -7 

Last Week

The Saints had the week off last week, which was fairly important to them. Sports betting sharps know they entered the playoffs on a three-game losing streak, which is surprising for a team that started the year with 13 wins. They have had a chance to lick their wounds, nurse their wounds and clear their minds. If they have done that, then they’ll be ready to play this week.


For Arizona, they barely squeaked by the Green Bay Packers at home last week and considering their defense gave up 45 points and over 500 yards of offense, they could be in trouble. 

The Cardinals blew a couple of huge leads in the game and allowed the Packers to walk up and down the field all game long. This week, they face Drew Brees and the multifaceted Saints passing game - they better make some serious changes or the same is going to happen. 

The Cards took advantage of a 17-0 early lead and played with the lead all day long. It forced the Packers hand and really made them change their game plan. This week, if the Saints can get ahead early or hang around, they will have a great chance to win it.  

This Week

The Cardinals don’t run the ball too much or particularly well, but they did last week. The Cardinals had 156 rushing yards on just 22 carries and they’ll need some more of that this week if they want to win on the road. 

Warner was on fire, shredding the Packers defense all day long but there wasn’t as much pressure since they played with a huge lead. This week, the Saints will be marching up and down on their defense, which proved to be very weak last week. They have blown big leads the last few weeks now and that won’t work against the Saints. Expect the Saints to advance. 

NFL Picks: Saints -7

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