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NFL Betting – Pro Bowl Week

Written by Matt Stevens   
Monday, 25 January 2010 22:19

NFL Pro Bowl OddsThe Super Bowl Odds will be the last main event of the NFL season and while we have a week off before we get to Super Bowl week, we at least have one more football game to enjoy before it. 

The Pro Bowl has been shifted to the week prior to the Super Bowl instead of the week after it, which presents a number of differences. For starters, the Pro Bowl won’t take place in Hawaii any longer. It will travel with the Super Bowl, which means this year it is in Miami. 

Also, since the game is prior to the Super Bowl, none of the players from the teams that are playing in the big game will take part in this game. 

Why The AFC Can Win

The AFC will have to rely on their trio of small, quick running backs to get the job done. Sure, the Pro Bowl isn’t always a rusher’s paradise but those making their NFL picks know that Chris Johnson, Maurice Jones-Drew and Ray Rice can make a big impact. Also, those guys are relative newcomers, so they might try more than some of the veterans.


Why The NFC Can Win

NFL betting fans will see the AFC as an underdog for the first time in a while and that’s mostly because of the quarterback rotation. 

With Peyton Manning playing in the Super Bowl, he won’t play this Saturday, which has left a very thin rotation. 

Matt Schaub, Vince Young and David Garrard – three quarterbacks from the AFC South –  will play in the Pro Bowl. Garrard definitely does not deserve to be there but he is all that is left in the AFC as Manning, Tom Brady and Philip Rivers aren’t going to play. 

The NFC can win because they’ll Aaron Rodgers, Donovan McNabb and possibly Brett Favre playing, although Favre is likely out. 

What Will Happen

The only way to handicap this game is to look at the quarterback rotations and right now, it’s hard to side with the AFC with their top three not playing. 

The NFC has the better quarterbacks and therefore the better team. That’s enough to lay the points with the better team.  

The fact that this game is being played in Miami doesn’t really offer any edge to the AFC. Lay the points with the NFC. 

BSN Sports Pick: NFC -2

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