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Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears NFL Week 15 Picks and Odds

Written by Gaby Varji   
Wednesday, 12 December 2012 11:35

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears – Sunday December 16, 2012 1:00PM ESTThe NFL betting experts always look forward to the last few weeks of the NFL season because it is always divisional matchups that could decide playoff spots. Some of the best football of the year is played in the final few weeks, and this week 15 matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears could prove to be one of the best of the week. The only monkey wrench could be the status of Chicago’s starting quarterback, Jay Cutler.

The Green Bay Packers tried to be a dominating regular season team last year and the team wound up getting eliminated from the playoffs in the divisional round by the New York Giants. The online betting sites have noticed that Green Bay has decided to go back to the formula it used to win the Super Bowl it 2010. The Packers started the season with no running game and had a hard time winning. In the last two weeks, Green Bay has unveiled a potent running game that could carry the team to the Super Bowl. It is looking like a mirror image of 2010.

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Chicago Bears

As usual, the only person qualified to speak about Jay Cutler’s injury is Jay Cutler. The bookmaker betting software expects Cutler to play on Sunday, but the quarterback is still calling himself “day-to-day.” In the end, the expectation is that Cutler will be under center for what will be the most important regular season game of the year for Chicago. If the Bears can win this game, it still has a chance to win the division. If Chicago loses this game, then it will have to battle the Minnesota Vikings for a wild card spot. It is not the fate that Chicago expected when it was dominating the league in the first half of the season.

Green Bay Packers

A sportsbook review of the Packers’ season shows that, once again, Green Bay has a terrible defense and a non-existent running game. Those two facts did not stop Green Bay in 2010, and they do not appear to be stopping Green Bay now. As the playoffs approach, the Packers is getting key stops late in games from its defense. Green Bay has also managed to piece a running game together with the help of three running backs that are cycling through as starters. This Green Bay team is dangerous, and the Bears know it.

The Bottom Line

The Packers will roll into this game riding a significant wave of confidence. The Bears are following the lead of its quarterback and remain pouty and unsure of itself. The Chicago defense has had problems stopping teams lately and the Chicago offense cannot seem to score points on a consistent basis anymore. None of this bodes well for a Chicago team fighting for its playoff life.

Visit BSN Sports blog for more information on the Packers and its interesting 2012 season.

My Pick: Green Bay Packers

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