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Four Reasons why the Saints can Win the Super Bowl XLIV

Written by Charlie Jimenez   
Thursday, 28 January 2010 23:03

Super Bowl Odds AnalisysThe New Orleans Saints head for their first Super Bowl in 43 years of NFL betting Odds history. The Indianapolis Colts will face some whose leader is the son of the greatest legend in the Saints: Archie Manning.

1. Go behind the quarterback

In the post-season, New Orleans faced the two most experienced quarterbacks in Super Bowl Odds history and won. In the process, shook them both. When Brett Favre Minnesota awoke this Monday, probably felt worse physically than Kurt Warner of the Cardinals, who was often pursued by the Saints defensive punished but less compared to Favre. Peyton Manning had better be alert.

2. Forcing turnovers

The Saints did not commit, but the forcing. New Orleans exchanges registered seven turnovers in the post-season while 39 others made in the regular nfl betting season. The defense of New Orleans is hardly a juggernaut, but it is much more physical than people think and have players who raise their level of play as the game progresses.

3. The Saints can keep up with the Colts

The Saints are capable of playing at the Colts want to play. New Orleans can accumulate points as he did before the 45 of Arizona in the divisional round, or go only 31 routine (yes, routine) and before a spirited defense of the Vikings. Indianapolis and New Orleans are similar in that aspect. The Saints help his cause by scoring touchdowns when they come.

4. Versatile running game

With a variety of runners, the Saints also cause errors in the Colts' speedy linebackers. Runners deep, Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush are dangerous in the air and could attract the attention of the media coverage or open the way for the receivers Marques Colston, Robert Meachem and tight end Jeremy Shockey.

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