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Early Super Bowl Predictions for SF, Detroit, NY and Oakland

Written by Charlie Jimenez   
Thursday, 02 August 2012 10:52

2012 Super Bowl OddsSan Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers are looking pretty strong for this upcoming season. Last season they were also on a very good track however they did have their bad days and a mistake from a punt returner that did not let them move forward. Join Now to Bet on this Game!

They will have a very good offseason of strengthening their talent with coaching and preparation enough to get them on a comfortable zone. Standing at +1700 odds to win the Super Bowl, they should be looking at a solid season.

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Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are set with +2000 odds to take the championship home. The team is consisted of talented players, despite the fact that they are very young. The experience they went through after losing heavily in the playoffs this year will trigger a truly competitive team hungry for wins.

No one expected the Lions to have so much success this past season. The upcoming season though, will be an opportunity for the Lions to show the talent they have in stock and are expected to take it all out.

The New York Giants

Standing in the 7th choice to win the Super Bowl and with odds of +1500 the New York Giants are not expected to repeat. There are fans and even handicappers that have picked against the Giants over and over again during playoff time. I guess it’s a matter of opinion; however it will be very hard for them to have the season they had last time around.

Oakland Raiders

QB Carson Palmer will take the offseason to get in the comfort zone and also build up the chemistry needed between a quarterback and his team players. He will be playing with very fast and talented players. Defensively speaking, the Raiders also have a few nice pieces to count on as well. They are at +4500 to win the Super Bowl.

Oakland will get a chance to have a fresh start upon the hiring of new Head Coach Dennis Allen and for many teams this fact is actually a very positive one.

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