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Denver Broncos vs. Baltimore Ravens: Updated Odds

Written by Matt Stevens   
Thursday, 05 September 2013 18:03

Denver Broncos vs. Baltimore Ravens oddsJohn Elway knows the feeling of walking through the stadium tunnel after a shock defeat as the AFC favorite to reach the Super Bowl , after a regular season of 13 wins and only three defeats.

The Broncos are currently favored by 7.5 points over the Ravens, at

It happened to Elway the quarterback after the 1996 season , when Denver lost 30-27 at Jacksonville , and went to happen to Elway the executive in January, when the Broncos fell 38-35 to Baltimore .

Elway rallied to win the first two Super Bowls , and recalled that the pain of setback against the Jaguars was the main motivation to win his first title.

"It was a great incentive for us to come back and be even better next year ," he said .


After strengthening the campus at a cost of $ 125 million - including the arrival of receiver Wes Welker, right guard Louis Vasquez and center Manny Ramirez Elway hopes history will repeat with these Broncos.

The Broncos will have an immediate opportunity to collect some revenge against Baltimore , he finally won the last Super Bowl , when they meet on Thursday in Denver in the game that will start the NFL season .

This is the return of Joe Flacco , the Ravens quarterback who orchestrated the victory with a touchdown pass of 70 yards to Jacoby Jones that tied the score 35-35 jumper with 31 seconds of the game .

The organizers placed giant banners Flacco image next to Peyton Manning Broncos Stadium to promote the event.

The enraged fans , Manning and Flacco is perplexed puzzled .

Anyway, Flacco reason " to be hated not a bad thing ."

The great role of the banners could be avoided if the Orioles had changed their baseball game Thursday for the NFL champions could open the season at home .

" I'm not worried about it," Flacco said . " It's not like we are removing a home game . All we are doing on the road playing maybe a little earlier than we would have preferred ."

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