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Betting on NFL Preseason – Top Five Storylines of The Preseason

Written by Andrew Scofield   
Thursday, 22 July 2010 07:11

NFL Odds and StatsBetting on NFL preseason odds is always tough as you don’t know who will be playing most of the game, although you know for sure that the first team won’t play much more than the first quarter, if that, for the first couple of weeks.  Here is a look at the top five storylines heading into the preseason.

Will Your Royal Highness Be Joining The Vikings?

We all know that Brett Favre is, in all likelihood, coming back to Minnesota this year.  So why the hype, again?  We know he’s not a big fan of camp and the preseason, but honestly, if he plays the way he did last year, his Minnesota teammates won’t care if he sleeps until the minute before NFL Week 1 betting begins.

Will T.O. Have A Home?

So many teams need receiving help, but Terrell Owens is still available and no one seems to be biting.

His agent says a deal is likely in the next few weeks, but what does that mean?  Owens had a decent year in Buffalo last season under difficult circumstances, but he was never a distraction when he probably would have been earlier in his career.  Owens is now 36 years old, and we think that he’s willing to take a backseat on whatever team he goes to.

Will The Redskins Ditch Albert Haynesworth?

The Redskins gave Haynesworth a massive contract, and have watched him essentially rob them on a weekly basis with lackluster play and complaining.  He’s upset that the Redskins are switching to a 3-4 instead of his preferred 4-3.  Listen, Mr. Haynesworth, you have a $100 million contract.  You play in a 1-6 if asked to.  Anyway, we’re betting that the Redskins release Haynesworth before Week 1.  He’s going to be a distraction.

All Eyes On Tebow

College football betting players may have seen Tim Tebow on the cover of EA Sports’ “NCAA ‘11” game, but the former Florida star, Heisman winner and all-around god in Gainesville may be the most-watched 25th pick in NFL history.  Denver did a lot of trading around to land Tebow, who many feel will never be a pure NFL quarterback, but coach Josh McDaniels loves him, so we’re willing to wait and see what he does with Tebow, who would probably make an unbelievable fullback or tight end.

The Holdout Situation

Tennessee signed Chris Johnson to a one-year deal to get their star back in camp, but which probably leaves San Diego’s Vincent Jackson as a the most high-profile holdout, and that doesn’t look to be ending any time soon.  New York’s Darrelle Revis isn’t happy with his contract either, but may be forced into camp.  There’s also a few rookies who have yet to sign, such as Dallas’ Dez Bryant, who would do well to look at how Michael Crabtree was behind the eight-ball all season, even though he would have been the sports betting favorite for Rookie of the Year with a full camp behind him.

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