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AFC Championship: Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots (-7 ½)

Written by Andrew Scofield   
Tuesday, 17 January 2012 21:54

Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots PicksSports Betting Overview
The New England Patriots seem to defy explanation each and every season. In the Belichick/Brady era, the Patriots have won a Super Bowl with a wide receiver playing cornerback because the Patriots’ defensive backfield was depleted, and the Pats have also won a Super Bowl with no running game. Now everyone is starting to wonder how far the Patriots can go with the worst defense in the league. The pay per head sportsbook experts warn that even if the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl, it would have beaten two very suspect offenses to get there. But when it comes to the Patriots, logic just never seems to apply.

The Baltimore Ravens rode its defense into the AFC Championship and got a little help from some extremely bad decisions made by Houston Texans’ rookie quarterback TJ Yates. The sportsbook software has put such a wide line on this game because the Ravens still had some problems containing the Houston offense even with all of the mistakes.

The Ravens were able to keep the Houston running game in check, but that won’t matter in this game because the Patriots do not have a running game. This will be a very interesting AFC Championship.

New England Patriots
The secret to stopping the New England Patriots has been evident for years. All you have to do is stop quarterback Tom Brady from throwing the football. The problem is that most teams cannot stop Tom Brady from successfully throwing the football. A 5 dimes review of the Patriots’ offense shows that New England hasn’t really used its running game in weeks. It hasn’t needed the running game for weeks. The Patriots righted the only wrong they had in the 2011 season when it destroyed the Buffalo Bills in week 17. It was payback for the beating that the Bills put on the Patriots earlier in the season. Now we get to see how the Patriots will react to a real defense in a clutch situation.

Baltimore Ravens
Yes, Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco threw two touchdown passes in the Ravens’ divisional win over the Houston Texans. But the Baltimore offense looked awful. Flacco was sacked five times and Ray Rice could only manage 60 yards on the ground. The Ravens cannot rely on its defense alone to win this game. If Baltimore wants to go to the Super Bowl, then the offense will need to step up and try to cover the points that the New England Patriots are destined to score. The Ravens’ defense should be able to keep the New England offense out of the 40 point range, but Baltimore is going to need to score points to win this game.

The Bottom Line
Betting sports news
blog writers are talking about the All-Star break right around the same time that the football writers are wondering who will be in the Super Bowl. Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco indicated that he has a chip on his shoulder about the way he is perceived. This would be a great chance for Flacco to change that perception, but he just doesn’t have it in him.

BSN Sports Free Pick: New England Patriots

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