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AFC championship game betting: Broncos vs. Patriots

Written by Matt Stevens   
Sunday, 19 January 2014 14:37
Patriots vs. Broncos, 2014 AFC Championship game previewTom Brady and Peyton Manning will be facing on Sunday to decide who played on Super Bowl XLVIII , February 2 in New York.

The championship game between the AFC New England Patriots and Denver Broncos will not be one more , it will be the fifteenth edition of a rivalry that can be labeled as the most intense among NFL quarterbacks .

In the 14 games preceding the Patriots head has better balance , with 10 wins for only four of Manning , including a 34-31 victory in overtime in November 2013 .

However, that does not mean that emerged victorious in the overall statistical Peyton has accumulated more yards gained and touchdowns .

Many analysts believe that Brady has always had better weapons at your disposal , with a protective offensive line and receivers more efficient , and that's the key imbalance described analyst Paul Gutierrez of ESPN.

" I really do not care about stats ," he said . " What occupies my mind is how long can I take a beer to his mouth ," Manning joked at a press conference .

" This season we have focused on each week at a time , after all we went through , losing our coach , losing several men with injuries. This attitude has served us and I think we will need from now on , "he told AP .

Meanwhile, Brady admitted he does not carry the favorite poster in this series.

" I do not think through the week changed the stakes for us, but the reality is that neither watch TV nor read anything , so my only focus is placed on what to do when they perform their best in the field , "he told EFE Patriots quarterback .

Broncos Coach

Left office last November for surgery heart valve replacement in December and returned to the playoffs. " There will be many tears for the losing team . I can not wait to get playing time , "he said .

Patriots Coach

After 15 seasons as an assistant in the league , Belichick became coach with the Cleveland Browns (1991 ) and from there to New England. "There is a fixed formula , we are just trying to make things right ," he said .
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