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A Bad Decision by Bill Belichick?

Written by Gaby Varji   
Monday, 16 November 2009 22:24

A Bad Decision by Bill Belichick?The Sunday Night was a clash of power to power between Indianapolis and New England. Both teams fought until the last second, and even with 17 points for the hosts ahead in the fourth quarter, nothing was written. At the end of the meeting, a decision of Bill Belichick, head coach of the Patriots opened the way for Peyton Manning got his ninth win in the 35-34 campaign.

The actions on the field and thus kicked off the team did not establish a stranglehold on the contrary the first offensive series ended in punts on both sides. However, the flying circus of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady appeared but would not tarnish and commanded his offense to put the cards in the first half 24-14.

Manning had an easy time in since he was not so successful, his passes went bad and even without helix when the ball was in the air. He threw 44 passes and completed 28, but the play of the game or not Manning would make Brady, Bill Belichick decided to play the fourth down with two yards forward.

With the score 34-28 for the visitors, Belichick sought to ensure victory but missed, did not get the first down, however, Peyton Manning left the field 28-yard line the Pats, with two minutes gone and this opportunity to come back and get the win for the still undefeated was within a couple of plays.

With less than 13 seconds left, Manning hit Reggie Wayena the pass that gave them the 35-34 win over the Patriots, who have not yet recovered from the previous series in which they were contained by the Colts defense.

With this, Indianapolis won its second consecutive win in dramatic fashion in the campaign after the previous week's Houston Texans failed field goal that would force overtime.

After the match, Bill Belichick said: "We tried to win the game on that play. I thought we could secure victory. We had a good game; completed. I do not know how not to get that first down.

"Not only did we fail, we must also give credit to Indianapolis, for something they are undefeated, they played well, are a good team."

On the other hand, Tom Brady said:

"That fourth down was a disappointment, we went with one of our best men, the play was good, our offense had 450 yards in the game, although it stopped us."

Brady had 375 yards and returned 3 touchdown passes, also surpassed 300 yards for the fourth consecutive week, but missed him for the win home.

Nothing is impossible for Peyton Manning

It is the first time that New England, led by Belichick loses a game after taking a lead of 13 points in the fourth quarter.

The Colts are 9-0 for the third time in five years and head coach Head Coach is the first rookie in NFL betting history to start with this brand.

With the win the Colts up to 18 consecutive victories, tying the record of the Pats with more wins in regular season and placed in the record to 4 wins than straight wins which also belongs to New England.

Another fact is that Indianapolis reaches its 110th victory of the decade, and placed three of the San Francisco 49ers, who are the team with the highest wins in a decade with 113 by those from the 80's ; the Patriots are in third place.

This meeting was not only undefeated Indianapolis game, this defeat might cost you to visit Belichick, again, only to Indianapolis in the playoffs. In what undoubtedly will be more complicated things and bickering.

This duel attraction, Brady was wise and learned to run their offense down the field and throughout the game, but Peyton appeared when needed. Belichick's decision to play the fourth time in his 28-yard line fell for the story. The first part of this great duel ended in favor of the Colts still need to know what will happen in January, where they probably see the faces again.

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