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2012 AFC NFL Betting Preview and Predictions

Written by Michael Gordon   
Sunday, 02 September 2012 14:56

AFC NFL Betting PredictionsIn NFL there is always a división that doesn´t reach the standards the other divisions manage to achieve during the season. For some time the NFC had been that division but as of last season the AFC was unfortunate enough to knock the NFC out of that position. The winning team of the division was the Denver Broncos with an 8-8 record followed by the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders. The Kansas City Chiefs were right at the bottom of the division. NFL betting fans tagged this conference as the conference of the mediocre teams. For the AFC, this season will be about getting things back together and taking back their pride as a competitive conference. Let´s see how some of these teams are looking for this season: Join Now to Bet on this Game!

Denver Broncos

This season a lot of the action will revolve around Peyton Manning. Last year, even though his former team was performing horribly he was able to make them run, make them rush, defend and get together as a team to win any match.

He was the player that was able to take his team to the playoffs regardless of the situation. NFL betting specialists believe that his health might question many of his abilities this season; however, he will be surrounded be good talent to make plays happen. Decker, Thomas and McGahee will be complementing his passing game.

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San Diego Chargers

For the San Diego Chargers this year will be about answering questions not only for themselves but for the public too. This was a team that several years ago was very close to playing the Super Bowl however hit a downward curve and has been falling every since. Phillip Rivers for example incurred in 25 turnovers last season. Antonio Gates is constantly getting injured just as Ryan Matthews. The Chargers might be able to see the light thanks to the changes happening on their defensive end. Younger players mixed with veterans will be trying to stop runs from their contenders. The Chargers are not talented enough though to make any promises to their fans as they will not get very far in the season.

Kansas City Chiefs

Last season the average of points on offense for this team was pretty bad. With a 13.3 point per game on offense, the second lowest average among all teams in the NFL. This season, QB Matt Cassel has to prove what he is really made of and be more than good. Running back Jamaal Charles will be a player to watch this season as he will be helping this team get better. The offense this year has to be consistent and well planned out because if not the team will be around the .500 mark.

Oakland Raiders

This year the Oakland Raiders have a much better core of talent as the players will be showing more skills than last year. Names that will help this happen are Darren McFadden, Darius Heyward-Bey and Denarius Moore. Nevertheless this team has to stay away from turnovers and penalties. Their defense has been their biggest issue so they need more work on that end for sure. Although this team looks better than in past years, they are definitely not conference title contenders.

These are the odds for the AFC:

Denver Broncos +175
Kansas City Chiefs +335
Oakland Raiders +600
San Diego Chargers +175

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