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Knock out the Matched betting Method for sports

Written by John Hawthorne   
Wednesday, 22 June 2016 22:57

Betting MethodsMatched betting used in conjunction with the "bonus bagging" concept is allowing sports punters all over the world to reap profits with essentially no risk. If you want to be able to take advantage of free bet offers that carry qualifying bet requirements without losing a portion of your bankroll, you would be well-served to learn how to match bet. This presentation of matched betting information was inspired by this article on intelligentodds.

Bonus Bagging

The number one promotional tool used by online bookmakers to draw new customers is free bet offers. Bonus bagging is the process of claiming one free bet offer after another from the growing list of online bookmakers operating in almost every region of the world. By using the matched betting process, you can do your bonus bagging by essentially turning the free bet offers into matched betting offers where all you have to do is turn a matched bet into a free bet without risking your bankroll.


How to Use the Matched Betting Methodology

If you are wondering how to match bet and create these so-called matched betting offers, this easy to understand tutorial should put you in a position to start making money without a relevant risk.

Before you start, you will need to open a betting exchange account with a reputable betting exchange provider such as Betfair. Once this account is in place, you are ready to start trolling for free bet offers that require qualifying bets.

As part of a live example, you land with Ladbrokes and want to target the site's offer of $100 in free bets to be earned by making a qualifying bet of the same amount. The only other requirement is that you make your qualifying wager on an event or team that carries odds of +150 or higher.

For your qualifying bet, you decide to target the Euro 16 matchup between Sweden and Belgium, which is scheduled for June 23. Currently, Sweden is listed at around +410 on many exchanges. The number qualifies under the promos terms and condition and will be used for this example.

After you open your wagering account and deposit your stake, you place a wager of $100 on Sweden for the win. When you are backing or betting on a particular side, it is referred to as a "back" bet. Next, you log into your betting exchange account and post an offer on Sweden at +400. This is called a "lay" bet. Assuming the offer is picked up by a third=party punter, your matched bet is in place. Here's a look at the potential results.

If Sweden wins, you collect $410 from your wagering account, but have to pay out $400 on your betting exchange account. The net result is a $10 cash profit, plus $100 in free bets. If Sweden losses or the game ends in a tie, you lose $100 in your wagering account, but claim $95 (the $100 wager less the exchange's 5% commission) from the betting exchange account for a small net loss of $5. However, you have now qualified for your $100 in free bets.

Let's look at another example using the June 22 MLB baseball game (USA) between the Kansas City Royals and the New York Mets. The Royals are underdogs at a price of +165, which meets the qualifying bet requirement. Again, you wager $100 on the Royals to win at +165. In the betting exchange, you lay a bet against the Royals at the same price.

If the Royals win, you will collect $165 from your regular wagering account while paying out the same amount on you betting exchange account. The net result is zero in cash, but you qualify for the $100 in free bets. If the Royals lose, you lose $100 in your wagering account, but claim $95 from the betting exchange for a small net loss of $5. No problem because you now get your $100 in free bets.

As a punter who might wager larger amounts on sports, these numbers might seem insignificant. However, you could make these numbers significantly bigger if you employ this tactic a number of times each month. If you could earn $1,000 in free bets every month with little to no risk, you would have to admit that matched betting is a process that literally pays for itself in free bets.

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