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College Football Betting 2012: Positive Betting Options so far in the Season!

Written by Michael Gordon   
Monday, 10 September 2012 07:15

College Football Betting 2012Many handicappers and experts who dared make predictions for this college football betting season 2012 might have been a little bit off in their statements. It is still early in the season and the action has turned out to be very different from what it was predicted. Join Now to Bet on this Game!

There is still enough time for things to take a different turn. Plenty of weeks of action for those teams who should have looked better in the opening games to shape up and get their game together. There are trends though that might not go away as the season goes by and some teams will be showing off their strengths throughout the season.

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There are some teams that are not feeling the stress of a bad start and who, according to experts, are out of danger or dropping their rankings for the moment.

No. 1 Alabama (2-0)

So far in the season the Alabama Crimson Tide has carried out an impressive performance. Although many fans, handicappers and experts doubted that they would have a good season due to the fact that their defense had lost some of their best talent, they have been able to prove them wrong and keep surprising the public on this college football season 2012.

This team lead by Nick Saban has not gone out of beat and on the contrary has managed to work around AJ McCarron to allow him to throw six touchdowns in just two games. On the other hand, the doubted defense has only permitted 14 points.

This team, according to many, should have ranked No. 1, but even if it didn´t they still do not have to worry about going anywhere.

No. 6 Florida State (2-0)

As a conference, the ACC has not been a major highlight in past years. However this year there is a team that has been dominating and winning and might just end up being the hopes of the ACC. This team is the Florida State Seminoles. Many believe that this is the year when the Florida State team will have a glorious season.

In the opening week they won against Murray State 69-3. Then in week 2 they stepped all over the Savannah State in a game that ended up 55-0. If you think Alabama´s defense was doing well, they have done nothing compared to the Seminoles defense. In the first two weeks, they have only allowed three points.

Just like their defense, the Seminoles ´offense is also working to perfection. So far they have accumulated 124 points. Now they will really have to prove themselves against Wake Forest in Week 3.

No. 5 Oklahoma (2-0)

Even though the Alabama Crimson Tide and FSU have been able to accomplish great things there are also other teams that deserve the attention. The Oklahoma Sooner for instance has done an amazing job so far in the College Football Season 2012.

Despite the records showing that they finished 10-3 in 2011 this season they have managed to do a complete turnaround. In week 1 they took down UTEP 24-7 and in week 2 they had a surprising win against Florida A&M 69-13. Their defense has played a major role in the success that they have experienced so far as they have been able to hold back their opponents allowing only 20 points. It´s still yet to be seen the performance they will have against Kansas State next Saturday.

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