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2011 College Football Returning Starters

Written by The Team @ EA Sports Consultants   
Thursday, 04 August 2011 10:08

2011 College Football Picks and LiinesDuring the first month of the season it is essential to be aware of which teams have the most and least returning starters coming back from the previous year.  Often times teams that have a very high number of returning starters will have an advantage in their early season games. 

They tend to be more precise, with fewer turnovers and penalties.  Consequently many times it will take teams that return very few starters a couple of weeks to iron things out.  For the most part once the calendar turns to October any advantage or disadvantage a team may have had due to experience is gone and the playing field level.  It should be noted that extremely high caliber programs like Florida, Auburn and TCU tend to reload very quickly with top level recruits.  Therefore, any disadvantage they have because of lack of experience dissipates quicker for them (usually 2 weeks).

Northern Illinois not only brings back just 10 starters, but is also welcoming a new Head Coach in Dave Doeren.  They most certainly will take some time to gel on both sides of the ball.

Below we have created a chart showing which teams have the most and least returning starters. The number at the right is the exact amount of starters returning.  Enjoy!




19 Auburn 6

Texas A&M

18 TCU 8


18 Iowa 9


18 Memphis 9


18 Hawaii 9

San Jose St.

18 Arizona St. 10


18 Louisville 10


17 UCF 10

Wake Forest

17 Fresno State 10


17 Florida 10

Notre Dame

17 Navy 10

Ball St.

17 Northern Illinois 10


17 Middle Tennessee St. 10

Miami Ohio




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