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Showtime Returns to the Top of the NBA

Written by Matt Stevens   
Monday, 15 June 2009 18:04
Lakers ChampionsLos Angeles Lakers took up the title last night with the NBA, his fifteenth ring and the first since 2002 after passing the Orlando Magic, 86 to 99 points in the fifth game of the final.

It is the fourth championship for Kobe Bryant, the first since the departure of Shaquille O'Neal, the first for a Spanish-Pau Gasol-and tenth-record in the NBA, to surpass Red Auerbach, Phil Jackson to coach.

Bryant ended the duel with 30 points, while the local star, Dwight Howard, was overshadowed again by the Spanish defense and recorded 11 points and 10 rebounds.

The match began with a burst of overwhelming the local (19-10), who helped the Lakers with little success in its launch and only scored three of their first 13 shots.

The team survived in Jackson Bryant, despite having received a strong blow to his battered little finger of the right hand (suffered a broken since February 2008), assumed command in the schemes Angelinos.

Among the wisdom of his star and defending Gasol on Howard, crazy at times, Californians were able to reduce the gap and stop the most accessible end of the first quarter.

As usual, the Lakers suffered the downturn almost mandatory when their side wins role, but the stars put things into place quickly and a triple of Trevor Ariza gave the Angelinos their first lead of mourning (40-42).

Key again, links and other launch an external theft ball that ended in a penetration of Derek Fisher. It was time for the Lakers, who have arrived in income of 12 points (40-52).

The Amway Arena expecting a reaction from his team. And he came, but it was sterile: every attempt of the Magic Lakers repelled insensitive harassment.

A penetration Bryant topped by majestic after levitate in the air, gave the green light for the Californian showtime. The game was dead and Orlando failures and successes of what Bryant auction.

In full command of the Lakers, Magic saw a glimmer of hope for a Triple J. J. Redick (84-95), but it was only a mirage.
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