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Pacers and Heat Face a Crucial Fifth Game

Written by Matt Stevens   
Thursday, 30 May 2013 06:19

Pacers vs. Heat NBA Playoffs Game 5 previewSeveral times before the start of the playoffs, Miami coach Erik Spoelstra insisted that the route that his team would go this postseason would be much more devious than they took to win the NBA championship a year ago.

To his own annoyance, Spoelstra was right.

The Heat are in a situation somewhat complicated. They can not recover enough rebounds, Dwyane Wade does not mesh with your game, Chris Bosh pays no consistency. All this will be exacerbated or dissipate when on Thursday they host the Indiana Pacers in Game Five of a very tight final Eastern Confederencia, level 2-2.

"We have players who are competitors and bred" Spoelstra said Wednesday. "They take this very seriously.'re Facing an opponent very carefully and if we play well, we will win. If they play bad and we impose our identity, then we're going to win. So is this. Have to be ready for the fifth game. "


The sixth match will be in Indiana on Saturday night. The San Antonio Spurs, who swept the series for the West title, waiting for his opponent in the final of the league, which will begin on June 6.

The record shows that the winner of the fifth match in a series tied, almost never fails to prevail at the crossing. But that is an axiom that the Heat checked and then ignored last year.

When the Heat and Pacers victories were distributed in the first four games in his second-round series in 2012, Miami swept 115-83 at home in the fifth game and sealed the series in the sixth match.

In the next round, Miami succumbed in the fifth game against Boston in the Eastern Conference finals, but won the sixth game on the road, with a 45-point night from LeBron James to stay alive. Claimed victory at home in a seventh electrifying shock.

That is why Spoelstra says the Heat do not take note of that series to foresee what will be the last act of the current wrestling.

"We're a confident group.'re Excited about the opportunity to return home to the fifth game," said James.

The Pacers are also brimming confidence right now.

Indiana was presented to the preaching series, plus fervently believe that would be capable of bringing down the team that everyone points with overwhelming favoritism to retain the championship. That has not changed.

"We have to stop playing," said Pacers coach Frank Vogel on Wednesday. "Our intensity, our determination, our focus, we must continue to improve if we could beat this team."

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