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NBA Finals Game 5 Odds: Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma Thunder

Written by Matt Stevens   
Thursday, 21 June 2012 07:06

NBA Finals Game 5 OddsThe Miami Heat could have the ring this Thursday when they play against the Oklahoma City Thunder for the game 5 of the NBA Finals. Join Now to Bet on this Game!

On the last game: Sensational start of OKC with Westbrook mistreating local defense both from the middle distance and reaching the rim to take a 5-15 team more interesting in the early stages.

Based in Durant streak and accompanying alien arrived advantage to 15 points with the Heat and Chalmers exceeded that seemed to herald a new day refused to face the basket and stayed at 14 late in the first quarter (19-33), with a sense of terrible loneliness of LBJ and the Thunder appearing as a compact and refined.

A partial binding the first quarter 13-0 and the next with the rookie Morris Cole James offering to help (which oddly reacted to Miami baseman) got to the premises in battle, but all claimed Florida with cries of help the help of a blur Wade and fundamental to his side can Macar differences.

Flash responded with a triple tied the game at 35, unthinkable four minutes earlier, but a hard fall after receiving a plug of Ibaka he left the area of ​​the lower back sore and limping back to leave the helm to LeBron and Bosh. Equally in the scoring but the Thunder always ahead (with limited income) Westbrook came back to whip Miami, although the 18 basis points only served to dominate his team by 3 points (46-49) at halftime.

He started the second half with Miami taking the lead for the first time since 2-0 with Wade and assistance basket (of course) of James, but lasted a sigh as Durant answered quickly.

The recovery of Wade and Chalmers was a fact and handing LeBron the Heat game were imposing their pace and physical power.

After dominating for seven points, the locals were four (79-75) with James touched the triple-double and a Bosh was doing a job for his invaluable quartermaster.

As was the series, was fourth and vital to Oklahoma where they were to give the C's to not be far behind in the final.

He started the fourth with the owners pulling the cart base. Westbrook unstoppable scoring 11 straight points and Chalmers forgetting his bad set and atinando in the moment of truth. Miami held the reins but OKC was a threat rather than serious.

The party was in a handkerchief with several minutes remaining and the team that best temper his nerves was the one going to take the upper hand.

Two other points empataban Westbrook to 90 with half a quarter ahead, but the worst would come home for the next action when LeBron James fell and required doctors with pains in his knee.

With LB bank in the Thunder advantage to get ahead, but in no time and coinciding with the return to the arena of James, the South Beach turned the scoring with 7 points from their Big Three to get a +5 in the absence of more than two minutes.

After several attacks of trade reached the last minute with +3 to Heat and ball in his hands after three missed by Sefolosha.

With LeBron on the bench with a knee break asking, once again the protagonist Chalmers and putting a 101-96 scoring for his relatives and 45 seconds ahead.

Westbrook with a quick basket to narrow the score again and fail-back Miami in the attack (air ball from Wade) winning jump Miami (heroic Battier) and lack of SuperMario Westrbook on an error of calculation based of the Thunder as Miami only had 5 seconds of possession .... all this with LeBron watching from the sidelines.

Like two drops of water entered the free Chalmers and KD was not accurate in an effort to triple the desperate.

Tremendous shift to the final which gave the Miami Heat, winning three straight games and having to kick the second championship in its history ... the first for James and Bosh.

In other circumstances we might say that the ring is very close to South Florida, but LeBron's knee has taken to be the protagonist and that makes sure everything is in the air yet.


Heat: LeBron James 26 points, 9 rebounds and 12 assists, Mario Chalmers 25 points, Dwyane Wade 25 points, Chris Bosh 13 points and 9 rebounds

Thunder: Russell Westbrook 43 points, l 7 rebounds and 5 assists, Kevin Durant 28 points.

Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder betting odds:

Oklahoma City Thunder is -3 point favorites against Miami and the total for the game is sitting at 193½ .

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