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NBA Betting Finals: Mavericks vs. Heat Preview

Written by Matt Stevens   
Monday, 30 May 2011 19:36

2011 NBA Finals Game One odds and picksThe duel that will sustain the between Dirk Nowitzki and the Heat superstar, LeBron James, is one of the biggest attractions of the NBA betting Finals in 2010-2011, the first game of the series of seven will play Tuesday in Miami.

Nowitzki and LeBron have been key players for their teams reach the final, but both have ghosts to exorcise in this series.

The 'Kaiser' German, 32, reached the final against Miami with a thorn for five years.

June 13, 2006 The Mavericks won by 13 points the third game of the finals against the Heat, who had defeated in the first two games in Dallas.

But Miami implemented a brand that overturned rail Nowitzki in the final minutes, and inspired by Dwayne Wade and Shaquille O'Neal giant, turned that game and the series, won 4-2 and won their first NBA title.

"It was painful, and that is not easily forgotten. But now is not taking revenge, but to play well to win four games," said the so called 'Big D'.

In his 12 years with Dallas, Nowitzki was 10-time All Star and is the only European to be named Most Valuable Player (MVP) of a regular season (in 2007), but lacks something that slipped from her hands five years ago : a championship ring.

The German has said he wants to relive that nightmare, and has shown averaged in the 15 playoff games he played this year 28.4 points per game.

"Dirk is on a mission command," said his teammate, center Tyson Chandler.

Miami Heat is 4.5 point favorites against the Mavericks at Bodog Sportsbook.

After winning the title in the Western Conference, Dirk stopped in the middle of the dressing room and told his companions: "We have won this trophy (in 2006) and it means nothing if you lose the end."

For his part, LeBron James also takes particular account of winning an NBA final.

The Miami superstar now also saw eluded him the championship ring in 2007, when integrating the Cleveland Cavaliers were swept 4-0 by San Antonio Spurs.

LeBron, then 22, was immense in that series, and indeed the only loaded with Cleveland to take his final single match until the present. But it was a lonely fight against demons, and demonstrated that despite his talent, he needed more help to get a degree.

Miami joined his friends Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to form an unstoppable trio, which contributes almost two-thirds of the points, rebounds and assists the Heat in every game.

LeBron James leads Miami in scoring (26 ppg), assists (5.5), triples (21 of 57), robbery with Wade (1.67) and is second in rebounding (9.7) behind Bosh (10.8), and blocks (1.7).

Because of that other great, Scottie Pippen, dared to compare his legendary teammate Michael Jordan.

"Michael Jordan was the greatest scorer in the NBA, but LeBron James is the most complete player I've seen," said Pippen, whose words have raised a cloud of dust, much criticism as praise.

Both Nowitzki and James sacrificed pay hefty sums just to have a chance to win a title.

To them, their future in the NBA legacy will be marked by the ring they desire, then make the difference between going down in history as a great player and a legendary competitor.

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