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Bulls and Raptors Fight the Final spot for the NBA Betting Payoffs

Written by Charlie Jimenez   
Tuesday, 06 April 2010 07:45

NBA Betting Payoffs OddsWith just 10 days for the NBA betting regular season comes to an end, and there are 15 teams with their passport stamped.

The 16th quota is played by the Toronto Raptors and Chicago Bulls, only two tables still have a mathematical chance of winning the play-off.

Although the Western Conference seemed more closed, are two currencies of the East which will keep the excitement in the twilight of the first 82 betting games.

The Raptors hold the eighth box in the Eastern Conference with a record of 38 wins and 37 lost. The Bulls will keep the horn in the back with a record of 37-39, with one more game.

For the Raptors will remain seven games, including the one that fought last night, at the end of this note, before the Golden State Warriors.

The next six games will not be simple for the only Canadian team in the NBA Odds.

They visit the Cleveland Cavaliers, best team in the conference and the NBA. In addition to travel to Atlanta and Detroit, to stand alongside the Hawks and Pistons.

At home they will have to entertain the Boston Celtics and Chicago on Sunday April 11 in a game that could be decisive.

Close to 14 at home against the New York Knicks.

Instead, Chicago will have to fajarse at home against Milwaukee, Cleveland and Boston.

Far from the comfort of the United Center, will have to deal with the New Jersey Nets, Toronto and close the campaign in Charlotte against the Bobcats.

Obviously Chicago is more complicated. Least has a win over a game.

His only comparison to an unclassified computer is the Nets, from then on out it's up franchises measured against already classified.

This is also true for Toronto, but have the advantage of receiving at home to Chicago.

The team that achieves the ticket will not have it easy, go against the Cavs in the first round. Classifieds. The teams are already in Cleveland, Orlando Magic, Hawks, Boston, Miami Heat, Bucks and Bobcats in the Eastern Conference.

Across the continent, in West Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets, Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns, Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs and Portland Trailblazers.

The last days are important for the 15 quintets to determine the final standings will advance to play-off.

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