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2012 NBA Playoffs Betting Analysis

Written by Gaby Varji   
Saturday, 28 April 2012 14:53

2012 NBA Playoffs OddsWhen my team plays? : Eastern Conference - Western Conference Join Now to Bet on this Game!

Spectacular and exciting final round of the NBA regular betting season that ultimately served to define the stage of the playoffs and the way to the ring. As a telegram, and before further, more important is that Chicago has poclamado regular season champion San Antonio ahead and secured homecourt advantage in a hypothetical end, Atlanta is fifth in the East but has homecourt advantage in favor at its intersection with Boston (fourth), there will be a Heat-Knicks in the first round of the East and West excitement to the end: Memphis has given the final blow to the Clippers take fourth place and have homecourt advantage in their favor junction with the Lakers, the Lakers are crossed with Denver, which took the sixth place in Dallas and the NBA playoffs odds champion is measured by the Thunder.


1 Chicago - 8 Philadelphia. Chicago won 2-1 in Regular Season
4 Boston - 5 Atlanta. But home court for the Hawks. Boston won 2-1 in Regular betting season

2 Miami - 7 Knicks. Miami won 3-0 in Regular Season
Indiana 3 - 4 Orlando. Orlando, which played without Howard, won 3-1 in Regular betting season


1 San Antonio - 8 Utah. San Antonio won 3-1 in Regular Season
2 Oklahoma City - 7 Dallas. Oklahoma won 3-1 in Regular Season
Lakers 3 - 6 Denver. The Lakers won 3-1 in Regular Season
Memphis 4 - 5 Clippers. The Clippers won 2-1 in Regular Season

What happened?
1. Regular Season Champion. Chicago is home court with a hypothetical final to win the fight to the Spurs. The Bulls beat Cleveland 107-75 despite playing without Rose, Deng and Korver to give them rest. John Lucas III led the win with 25 points. With this win and did not care what he did against the Warriors San Antonio.

2. Eastern Conference. Chicago, Miami and Indiana were well-defined positions. The question was who would pitch to favoor factor in the Celtics-Hawks cuurce and finally Atlanta has been the home court. Boston is technically the fourth worst record despite having to Atlanta to be division champion, but the triumph of the Hawks 106-89 to Dallas factor tilts the field in their favor and gave as Boston won at Milwaukee. Orlando knew it would be sixth and the excitement was in the duel between the Knicks and Sixers séptma and eighth. The Knicks won at Charlotte, which closes a terrible campaign, and took seventh place with the crossing with the Heat of LeBron, Wade, Bosh and company. Philadelphia lost to Detroit 108-86 and intersects with the Bulls.

3. West. San Antonio, Oklahoma and had secured these positions Lakers and Memphis managed to finish fourth this square snatching the Clippers to 88-76 imponers for the Magic. Thus, the Grizzlies Marc Gasol earn homecourt advantage in favor at its junction with the Clippers for Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. The other big question (as the Spurs-Jazz was defined for days) was the one who would end up sixth. Denver ran over the Timberwolves 102-131 and took sixth place that crosses with Gasol and Kobe Lakers and Dallas, which lost 106-89, partly as seventh in the West in defense of the ring. Intersects with Oklahoma and no morbidity in the first round with a Lakers-Dallas rematch of the past playoffs.

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