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2012-13 NBA Betting Favorites

Written by Matt Stevens   
Wednesday, 31 October 2012 07:49

NBA Betting Favorites"They are the favorites to win and be NBA champions ..." Join Now to Bet on this Game!

Miami. If the Big Three can stay healthy, hungry after the coveted title ring and its two major additions (Allen and Rashard Lewis) are coupled. Eye on the inside.
Lakers. If your veteran Big Four elusive injuries and figures out how to make the most of every one of its stars with Meta World Peace as the fifth element and adds the bench with forward Antawn Jamison.

Oklahoma. "If you can get the 'case Harden' with no contract extension does not become a distraction capital". This is what was written before the transfer. Now we have to evaluate the effect of the transfer. Kevin Martin scoring can supplement your side and you have to see the evolution of Ibaka and if it is clear on the tennis team who is this: if Westbrook or Durant.

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San Antonio. If you’re eternal Big Three can stay healthy and well dosed Pops and get more help from Stephen Jackson, Diaw, Blair, Kawhi Leonard and Splitter.

Boston. If the new mixed team does not explode, the stars manage to avoid nursing and if between Green and Terry manage to increase the performance of Ray Allen .
Indiana. If he gets his big role last year does not become a 'one hit wonder' and maintains his desire to strike a blow at the table with Granger, Paul George, Green, Hansbrough, Hibbert, Hill, West, Young.

"They are the second pack of contenders and could win if ..."

Chicago. If Derrick Rose returns on time and to the level that we are used to and has the support of Boozer, Noah, Hinrich, Kryptonate, Hamilton ... It seems to be running out of opportunities a great performance ...

Knicks. If they achieve the necessary chemistry inside and outside Carmel-Stoudemire-Chandler, get great performance of the Trident base + Novak, Brewer becomes a factor X and is able to minimize potential distractions caused by Rasheed Wallace and JR Smith.

Brooklyn. If they translate on the court the way they look good on paper responding to a multimillion dollar investment Prokhorov wants a ring or yes.

Minnesota. If they can be a herd them together and injury and respect for once can practice Adelman basket with Love, Ricky, Roy, Kirilenko, Pekovic ... and provide Budinger, Barea, Amundson, Cunninghamm Shved, Stiemsma, Williams ...

"They are not the favorites but could win the ring ..."

Denver. If George Karl manages to make the most of their parts on a computer that looks good, physical and talented Dallas. If Nowitzki returns healthy and his best making the best of many veterans and the couple signings May-Collison makes a difference.

Memphis. If exploit all its resources to the fullest with Randolph and Marc as references and Gay gives a definite step forward as providing theoretical and handing franchise. Sharpening the claws have even more than in previous years.

Philadelphia. If immediate reconstruction bears fruit.
Clippers. If besides a basketball practice fun fails to be effective and win games from the defense tightening.
Utah. If they soak up the fighting spirit of the Jazz of Stockton and Malone Sloan with Houston. If the surprising signings and transfers fit with defined roles
Phoenix. If you forget the arrivals and departures and not focus on those who are exploiting the versatility of many components having fun and giving 200%
Atlanta. If all the pieces fit and succeed in combining the pace and direction of flight Toronto.

If they make the meteor that caused the extinction of dinosaurs impact the home of the contenders ring. First, we must be aware of the transfer of Calderón before February and see where it goes yet another reconstruction of Toronto. As if Casey manages to make the most of Calde and Lowry DeRozan addition, Fields, Valanciunas, Davis and Johnson, the team may have a point.

"It seems highly unlikely, but could win the ring ..."

Portland. If Aldridge reconstruction expected to be made within one year immediately becomes and each player pays 300% with the promising forward Damien Lillard Washington. If you really are magicians
Detroit. If they can clone the Bad Boys of truth and join the promising Knight, Monroe, Drummond, Stuckey and Jerebko.

New Orleans. If the promising Anthony Davis, Rivers, and Thomas Vasquez yield and the maximum level of what they can do in the future as Anderson, Gordon and Lopez.

Golden State. If you recover the spirit of Nellie Ball and Run TMC, Klay Thompson takes a step forward like Stephen Curry Milwaukee. If the couple Jennings-Ellis develop a plan to achieve world domination and achieved a perfect run with the help of his interior plugging each opponent shots

Sacramento. If the Maloof brothers win in Vegas casino bet the rest of the owner of the NBA and was rewarded with a basketball ring and Funny Electric Kings of Stojakovic, Webber, Divac, Bibby and Co.

Cleveland. If Kyrie Irving was knighted and the NBA became a medieval tournament and won it fair. Orlando. If they could do magic or the NBA were a Disney tale Charlotte. If Michael Jordan down to the offices and after bathing in a pool type player Cocoon return as he and the rest of the 72-10 Bulls.

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