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2011 NBA Lockout: Cancels Games

Written by Matt Stevens   
Friday, 28 October 2011 23:56

2011 NBA Lockout newsThe history repeated itself with the end of three days of talks between team owners and players union without a deal, which led the NBA commissioner, David Stern, cancel all regular betting season games until 30 November.

Stern said that "it is not possible, practical and prudent" for the league play the full schedule of 82 regular NBA betting season games.

The commissioner acknowledged that both sides had made progress on issues related to the wage system and a contract during today's talks, but all was locked when it came to the main point of the collective agreement, the distribution of income.

Stern reiterated the league's final offer remained equal sharing to 50-50, but the executive director of the players union, Billy Hunter, said they did not think to go below 52 percent.

"He (Billy Hunter) closed its agenda, he rose from the table to leave the meeting room," said Stern. "This is where we are."

Neither party has set a new date for the negotiations back on track.

Meanwhile, the players union president, guard Derek Fisher, Los Angeles Lakers, reiterated that it was not the day to reach an agreement, the owners did not accept the 52.5 percent of revenue sharing, Stern kept his word of more cancellations.

"We have no assurance of when we can meet, but we are always open for that to happen at any time as demonstrated above," said Fisher. "We stopped talking for today and now."

Fisher reiterated that he had approached the positions on the issue of revenue sharing and said that they were not sure if the owners were going to offer 50 percent or 47.

"What is clear is that we will not rush into an agreement for the next six years in which future professionals to be harmed," said Fisher. "The problem is we do not know exactly what is offered by the owners in the distribution of income."

Fisher reiterated that down to 52.5 percent would mean that players would lose $ 100 million per season, if you accept 50 percent would be 200 and that is something that union members are not willing to assume.

For his part, Hunter reported that the league began the session of six hours on Friday with a return to the initial offer of 47 percent in revenue sharing and then back to the 50.

However, completely rejected Stern's characterization Fisher and Hunter had given the meeting and stressed to reporters that the league has always maintained the 50 percent.

In that sense, Hunter was adamant the negotiating table that the players, "by any means" would accept 50 percent.

"Derek (Fisher) and I were very clear to say from the beginning of this process a revenue share of 50 percent for each part was not to be taken by union members," said Hunter. "Much less with the concessions that have been players in other parts of the wage system and contracts."

Hunter reiterated that the goal of negotiations is to achieve an agreement that all parties have to give, other than just the players who lost.

"It is clear that the players have made concessions, but the result shows that the talks have not been enough for the owners," said Fisher.

Both sides also recognized that the section of the salary cap in the NBA's economic system had also generated a large number of problems and confrontations.

"What happens is that once again the owners did not act in good faith in negotiations and it shows when they get the key points that are expected to approach positions and simply say that they have to balance their books," complained Hunter. "The offer of 50-50 percent know it is not fair and fool us again."

Although players will miss the payment of the first paycheck on the 15th of November, each will receive $ 100,000 compensation tank they have had with the old agreement and that they were returned by the NBA not having reached the last season 57 percent in revenue sharing.

Fisher said that money will allow players to not have to be pressed to sign an agreement which will regret later.

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