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2011 NBA Draft Analysis and Prospects

Written by Matt Stevens   
Thursday, 23 June 2011 06:41

2011 NBA Draft PredictionsThe next mock is made based on my own view of the situation of each team, but gathering information from different sources try to give a view as close as possible to what can happen by the heads of the heads when choose at the ceremony next Thursday June 23. However, surely even they have at this point a decision, much less as we go deeper into the first betting round where everything becomes much more diffuse and complicated. Without further ado, here's the new version:

1 .- Cleveland Cavaliers: Kyrie Irving (Pg Duke, Freshman)

From Cleveland we do believe that the decision is taken yet, but the Kyrie itself should think anything they do not have any scheduled encounter with a different computer than the Cavs. Meanwhile they still pondering the best possible combination using this selection and the fourth, but at the end of the line a league increasingly dominated by players based on their position will be decided by the Duke.

2 .- Minnesota Timberwolves: Derrick Williams (Pf / Sf, Arizona, Sophomore)

Almost since the draw for positions lottery, which granted the privilege of choosing Wolves in second place in a betting draft of two names, says David Kahn desperately seek to move the pick for a player already enshrined in the league to be Derrick Williams almost clone of Michael Beasley. Perhaps it's own # 2 of the 2008 draft out of that team. Still, everything indicates that whoever is to rise to this position will be made alapivot services, much as he proclaimed himself forward, out of Arizona.

3 .- Utah Jazz: Brandon Knight (PG, Kentucky, Freshman)

So far, little has changed this mock about the previous game, but the Jazz still sending signals that they want an improvement on Devin Harris to the position of base. It is too early to know whether or not the nth Calipari disciple of applying a "one & done" in the university would be compatible as a companion to Harris in the backcourt Jazz. Although the perception that Knight will be able to change the chosen yesterday because Kemba Walker and Jimma Fredette, among others, I will make a private train to face, giving both a good feeling, while Brandon has demanded an individual workout without opposition. If Jimma convinces the Jazz may opt for lower Okur cover with a big man, the problem is that as we will see later in this forecast is not considered that BYU (and less Kemba) is available in its second selection.

4 .- Cleveland Cavaliers: Enes Kanter (C, Kentucky, Freshman)

A base and a great combination for starting a project, and between large Enes Kanter is above which is listed as the sources Cav. And this is the key to resolving the tangle of these first four elections because if the Jazz finally dismissed select the benefit of the Turkish Knight, Jonas Valanciunas is winning despite not many integers do private coaching to stay focused with the U19 team . It is a longer term project, and his buyout is still not agreed, then it would be logical to give a badly injured fans from "The Decision" contribution from a player and illusion, and that's Kanter.

5 .- Toronto Raptors: Jan Vesely (SF / PF, Partizan Belgrade)

Brian Colangelo has extended his contract with the Raptors, and now that he faces pressure from his post, will be free to choose the player you most intrigue. According to the information accessed is a Czech who is ahead. If it did any transfer or Barbosa advantageous Bayless would not hesitate to pull the trigger and gain competitive Kemba Walker always leaving behind the prejudices about their size and ability to move a computer from the point guard position.

6 .- Washington Wizards: Jonas Valanciunas (C, Lietuvos Rytas)

The Wizards are looking forward to give them a depth and a balance between defense and attack but it would be very difficult for them to pass on the talent. Perhaps this selection is the most controversial for having already in the position to JaVale McGee, but in case of incompatibility could put on the market and get a player for him to fill that position forward. Meanwhile take a look at Leonard, but I do not end up opting for a less talented player. Should apply the maxim of "Draft for talent, trade for need"

7 .- Sacramento Kings: Jimma Fredette (Pg, BYU, Senior)

Perhaps too soon, but the workouts are facing the best projects and sweeping. His jump shot infallible, but is also showing more than expected athleticism that can help play a role in defense, including skills in the pack as necessary as the distributor of the ball. Perhaps the "winner" of this selection is played in the confrontation that took against Kemba Walker. Both are players who show a very different character, while necessary for the Kings, who bring the two pillars of the team, Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins.

8 .- Detroit Pistons: Bismack Biyombo (C; Fuenlabrada)

His workout in Treviso was a resounding failure where it showed all its weaknesses, but still the mix of all its advantages (defense aid, rebounding, intensity, motor, hardness) on the same dates has been added the depth of their thoughts and character of a true survivor. He has made each and every one of the interviewers who have met him stunned, and it also abounds in the NBA. In the Pistons might fit into their defensive philosophy and be totally complementary to Greg Monroe. In addition, Ben Wallace would be a great mentor for him. Perfect situation for both player and franchise.

9 .- Charlotte Bobcats: Marcus Morris (Pf / Sf, Kansas, Junior)

The Bobcats need an upgrade in every positions, DJ Augustin being the only player that meets the needs in their position, the base. So even at this stage is the most talented player Kemba Walker do not think the Bobcats make the move by the Wizards doubled the post. First, because DJ is not as press and would not get a lot of talent in a hypothetical transfer and, secondly, because I really could use a player of the characteristics of Morris could add more powder to the team of Jordan, that the incidentally is not have excessive firepower and talent.

10 .- Milwaukee Bucks: Alec Burks (Sg / Pg, Colorado, Sophomore)

In a recent workout in which he shared with Jordan Hamilton track among others was the escort of Colorado which took all the praise. In fact, while the other fellow workout rooms booked at bedtime, Alec was having dinner with the directors of the Bucks. It seems that given a treatment of King, and this may be a sign that the Bucks are going for him considering that Michael Redd will be a free agent, and if they return to perhaps see the Bucks moved to the position "three" after having lost some of his explosiveness in the lesions.

11 .- Golden State Warriors: Kawhia Leonard (Sf, San Diego St. Sophomore)

For the Warriors would be ideal to Alec Burks, but the scenario posed is no longer available, so should go for a position that lacks depth, the power forward. And nothing better than Leonard can defend multiple positions and that is showing much improvement in his offensive game especially in the major flaw of his game, the shots from a distance. Another option would be the sniper Klay Thompson, the latter responding to the philosophy of the hypothetical choice of Alec Burks.

12 .- Utah Jazz: Chris Singleton (Sf, Florida St. Junior)

Player with the label of best defender in the draft that gives a lot of versatility that could have a role in Andrei Kirilenko if leave Salt Lake City to assert its status as a free agent. Another option would be to gain the services of Motiejunas, a possibility because of the interest is awakening Singleton could not be available at this point.

13 .- Phoenix Suns: Kemba Walker (PG, UConn, Jr.)

In every draft ceremony that claims there is always a player who begins to fall and fall. In this case it may be MOP (Most Outstanding Player) of the Final Four in 2011. It is causing great impression on the coaches and interviews with team representatives, and I really am one of those who think they can play an important role wherever they fall. First baseman try to be wherever you fall (in Phoenix would not be, obviously) and, if not power, character, heart and skills would make a splendid bench player and a great teammate in the locker room. Could learn much from Steve Nash and the Suns have more maneuverability in case of transfer to South African-born genius.

14 .- Houston Rockets: Klay Thompson (SG / SF, Washington St. Junior)

Daryl Morey is hiding his cards well, in fact it is possible that either one of the biggest players in this draft as executor of many transfers, but given the lack of transparency on the part of the Rockets were assigned to Thompson, a player with the possibility of adding more fire to fence and thus allow the progress of players like Courtney Lee, including his own Thompson in exchange for a more contrasted forward for the team.

15 .- Indiana Pacers: Tristan Thompson (Pf, Texas, Freshman)

The Pacers need intensity, rebounding ability and toughness in his painting, Tristan Thompson may be called to fill these gaps but because of its small size will not be the ultimate solution in spite of its infinite arms. Yet this is an ideal setting for the Pacers. In fact, surely this is the ground for Tristan.

16 .- Philadelphia 76ers: Markieff Morris (Pf, Kansas, Junior)

A native of Philadelphia who could bring toughness and athleticism in the interior, thus fitting perfectly into any of the shortcomings of the franchise. It will not be a definitive solution but their inclusion in the template would be very positive. It is also a good worker and player character that does not interfere negatively in the team chemistry.

17 .- New York Knicks: Marshon Brooks (Sg, Providence, Senior)

Donnie Walsh will no longer be in the franchise beyond this season, but will be in charge at the next ceremony in the draft and who has the final say on selection. The Knicks need depth at every positions, and in that sense Marshon Brooks is a compulsive scorer who has received comparisons to Kobe Bryant, which has quickly Marshon unchecked.

18 .- Washington Wizards: Jordan Hamilton (SF, Texas, Sophomore)

The Wizards will have a tough choice here because it may follow the fray Motiejunas as posed in this scenario and in that case it would be difficult to pass him. However, I believe that Hamilton Jordan is better "fit" for themselves and their talents can be very beneficial by providing a scoring ability beyond doubt and depth in the forward position they need.

19 .- Charlotte Bobcats: Donatas Motiejunas (Pf; Benneton Treviso)

It did not help his cause the first train in Treviso, although it is said that the infamous shooting session had to do with an extra workout in the gym right before proceeding. In a second staging light shone more, but this had less impact than the first. In any case, until recently considered top10 could make a large role in the Bobcats and is fully complementary to its first choice.

20 .- Minnesota Timberwolves: Tobias Harris (SF / PF, Tennessee, Freshman)

Another long term project for the Wolves, who would join his pick # 2 and Ricky Rubio as rookies for next season. No wonder there is constant talk about the Wolves involved in various assignments, but I do not Harris Tobias takes much longer to leave. It does nothing at the elite level, but is capable of providing many different ways for the good of the team. His work ethic will do the rest.

21 .- Portland Trail Blazers: Kenneth Faria (Pf, Morehead St. Senior)

We said Harris who does nothing in an exceptional way, opposite the St. Morehead product the best rebounder in the history of the NCAA. The Blazers were already pledged their capacity last season and, for this seems to finally be done with their services. Intensity and rebounding will be your identity.

22 .- Denver Nuggets: Nicola Vucevic (C, USC, Junior)

The Nuggets have great depth in all positions, except in the interior positions where more help may be needed, and that is where the catchment area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNikola. Not the best "fit" for a team of George Karl, who always likes to run, but can be an alternative and play a role.

23 .- Houston Rockets: Tyler Honeycutt (Sf, UCLA, Sophomore)

Another team that responds to the need to strengthen the Rockets small forward position. As they did with their previous selection, their positions would be the most lacking interior make them take hold but this selection does not have a player that would cover that profile. That's why Tyler seems like a good pick here.

24 .- Oklahoma City Thunder: Nikola Mirotic (Pf, Real Madrid)

Sam Presti has already shown more often in no hurry to how their first-round selections in the late team immediately incorporated and, Nikola, neither would. His talent is undeniable and, due to the type of template configuration of the Thunder would fit seamlessly joining this winning project later. Neither Kirk Singler is discarded here, noting many experts to be a "marriage" ideal.

25 .- Boston Celtics: Iman Shumpert (PG / SG, Georgia Tech, Junior)

Avery Bradley perhaps not make much sense for the Celtics to choose this player, but his ability to defend multiple positions and attack right from the position of "1" and "2" allowing some flexibility that the Celtics would welcome. The truth is that it says that the Greens will seek to transfer this pick a player and gain more contrasted for painting and rectifying the mistake of transferring Semih Erden.

26 .- Dallas Mavericks: Davis Bertans (Sf, Union Olimpija Ljubljana)

Another major player in Treviso he decided to stay in the draft this year, rumored to be a direct result of having received a promise in the first round. It has been learned, it might be possible that they might receive the promise by the reigning champions have to start thinking about the generational change for the wing position. Their formation may follow a couple of years in the old continent, which the Mavs would not care the least, as long as evolution is clear as in the case of Nick Calathes is said could be built for next year .

27 .- New Jersey Nets: Justin Harper (Pf, Richmond, Senior)

The Nets need victories to begin to fall Deron Williams convinced that your project is a winner and keep their move to Brooklyn. They must fill the hole they have in the area, and nothing better than the product of Richmond will be able to space the field thanks to his wrist, but make no mistake, what they really need is the Nets' Brook Lopez put your batteries.

28 .- Chicago Bulls: Charles Jenkins (Pg / Sg, Hofstra, Senior)

The Bulls need to improve their shooting guard and that guard is able to open the secured area with a shot from a distance. Jenkins can respond to this profile. Another advantage provided by this pick is the possibility of forming as a pair of backcourt with Derrick Rose.

29 .- San Antonio Spurs: Jeremy Tyler (C / PF Tokyo Apache)

For talent is a lottery player, but his decision to go first to Israel and then anchor in Tokyo he has lost cache. He has looked very good in the combined Chicago, recovering his reputation as a madcap, but still has not convinced of his talents. In this position, the risk is very low and the rewards can be very high, hence the Spurs may be decided by him.

30 .- Chicago Bulls, Josh Selby (PG / SG, Kansas, Freshman)

In recent days the cache has collapsed, but it is still a very interesting player that can play two different positions, or at least I will have to prove given the perception of all that is contained in the body guard one base. His shot is not brilliant and neither fits perfectly in a Bulls have CJ Watson, but when all is said may have value for money for the Bulls to Selby in one form or another.


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