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2009 NBA Draft Betting News

Written by Matt Stevens   
Thursday, 25 June 2009 07:05

NBA Draft 2009 Betting OddsIn the absence of a few hours to bring the NBA Draft last more important and interesting rumors surrounding the young Europeans and Americans.

The lawyer for Ricky Rubio of DKV and Directors have met recently with the aim of lowering the clause Ricky Penya although he did not think even a single euro lower and so has kept its promise of Badalona and compel the attorney Ricky that carry the case to the judge to find a solution that supports the base of El Masnou.

We have seen this last week and earlier fell as Ricky the 4 position of almost all pages that specialize in the draft, but yesterday some sites until the second it rose again by the mysterious case of the giant Tanzanian Hasheem Thabeet . The young center has dismissed Tanzanian train with Memphis when we had a test prepared and prefers to hide in Los Angeles working with a personal trainer. Hasheem has made no workout or any kind of testing any team, every state makes a mystery, although we could also consider the possibility that this preparation at a level higher than the others.

What seems to set new and clear choice is the number of Los Angeles Clippers who have everything prepared to receive Blake Griffin. The poor brother of Los Angeles waiting to regain strength and power to compete at high level.
One of the fixed in the Top-3 appears to be James Harden, is physical enough to play in the NBA and that is one of the details in that setting more beaters.

If you look at the first Top 10, we see that players like Stephen Curry and Jonny Flynn climb through the roof and that what primarily franchises are looking to build on this foundation and can be a good litter.

So practically decide the first 5 positions would be occupied by Blake Griffin, Ricky Rubio, James Harden, Jonny Flynn and Jordan Hill in many mocks drafts will not move from the fifth position.

If we go down to number ten position are located at another base Jrue Holiday trained at the prestigious UCLA where they have spent several bases as Baron Davis and which was expected of him this year but has shown good defensive skills, then we find Tyreke Evans formed in Memphis and finally to Brandon Jennings, at some sites it also placed in the bottom of the lottery pick.

Tyler Hansbrough continues in almost all the mocks drafts at position 20 in any case would be elected by the Jazz as the Jazz want to get rid of Carlos Boozer, it would be a good complement to those of Utah.

The player Sam Young of Pittsburgh has also dropped its benefits in the draft and place it among the 21-30 sites in the first round. One of the biggest unknowns is also chosen to whom the Los Angeles Lakers in position number 29, it seems they want to opt for a European player and one option may be Jerebko Jonas has had a year at very regular LEGA, another could be the young Spanish Sergio Llull base that has a good season at Real Madrid in Euroleague and in league.

Recently New Jersey has a workout with Brandon Jennings, Tyler Hansbrough, John Flynn and added to Terrence Williams and Gerald Henderson as it seems that New Jersey may seek a transfer.

In second round Victor Claver found in the top position alongside Danny Green, while other players like Jeff Pendergraph Daju Summers or still in the middle of the second round.

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