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114 Days of the NBA Betting Lockout and Counting

Written by Charlie Jimenez   
Saturday, 22 October 2011 17:45

2011 NBA LockoutYesterday was a day and hoped that after two meetings in parallel by the owners, it was expected that these verifications on the table a revenue sharing plan that would triple the current, ie, unilaterally, the owners agreed to a transit money from the markets strongest to the weakest with an amount of approximately $ 150 million. The question everyone is doing, did that satisfy the union that amount?

I really did not care for them because they would not receive a penny of that amount but it was a way to assess the commitment of owners to look towards more equal competition, making their own efforts, not just the players claiming concessions .

In this circumstance, from the 20h of Spain owners and union met with the federal mediator George Cohen, but without Stern, away from influenza. Therefore not expected a step back, because this would somehow, and it is said to be his deputy Adam Silver, who holds the reins of the negotiations.

After 8 hours of meetings, which involved a total of more than 30 hours on three consecutive days, the negotiations break down, George Cohen believe that your work has ended without success and no further meetings are planned.

With increasing rhetoric to levels unknown and the crossfire of statements, what we can get clear is that the break has been a direct result of not reaching an agreement on the sharing of BRI, which according to various media are not expected to be the trigger.

The NBA formally proposed a 50/50, while in the words of Adam Silver, the players' union dropped its claim of 53% to 52.5%, to which he added that "the union is not prepared to take the necessary step" at "we were unable to cross the chasm that separated us"

As players, the NBA gave them an ultimatum to accept the 50/50 division, and that without that commitment was not even necessary to enter into negotiations on the system, something that Hunter and Fisher proposed once seen the agreement no money . So, according to Hunter the union has made "concession after concession after concession ... and it's never enough." The icing on the rhetoric Derek Fisher put it, "I want to make clear, the owners have lied, plain" in response to the statements of the owners in which they were accused of not wanting to take the plunge.

It is said that franchisees located in major markets did want an agreement, but the hard core of owners are not willing to yield, in fact, according to Kessler, a senior adviser of the union, "something has happened in the meeting of the Board of Governos, yesterday we thought we would reach an agreement. Suddenly, today, have negotiated very little "in fact, it points directly to Paul Allen, owner of the Blazers, as the representatives of the hard core.

The direct implications that the negotiations will break the cancellation of games, we sense that something was not done last night by the absence of David Stern, so according to Silver, "the committee will meet with Stern on Friday, and take the relevant decisions "

Nevertheless, (according to yahoo and CBSsports) throughout the day filtered to an agreement in the mid-level-exception was practically closed, this being reduced to $ 5 billion, down about $ 800 000, and further away from the $ 3.8 million owners who wanted to, but yes, the maximum contract duration would be 3 years. In addition, the owners proposed to give incentives to players on rookie contract that yields exceptionally. Also took shape the amnesty clause, unlike the previous implemented, discharged accounts for 75% of salary, repaying the balance in the remaining years of the player's contract. Yes, the player would receive 100% of guaranteed salary signed.

And so it goes, there has been some progress, but in the main are unable to agree. Therefore, the circus continues and the fans begin to navigate to the indifference and the search for alternatives. Shame!

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