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        1. 黑龍江省中能控制工程股份有限公司


          Heilongjiang Zn Control Engineering Co.,Ltd.

              The company was founded in 1998, mainly deals with intelligent heat exchangers as well as design, research and development, production and service of information system integration. In February 2015, it was wholly changed to a joint-stock company, with the total capital stock of 82 million. In July 2015, Zhongneng Share was officially listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations. After the listing, Hatou Group purchased 37.88% equity of Zhongneng Share at RMB 50 million in the consideration price of shares, which increased its total capital stock to RMB 132 million. And it held 66.75% shares with other persons acting in concert, becoming the controlling shareholder. Through the acquisition, Hatou Group extends its industrial chains of heating supply.

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